Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekly McDonald's Discount Coupons

Don't you ever get sick of eating domburi, sushi, yakiniku, miso soup, takoyaki, and above all... RICE! Every... effing... week. Obviously not. How stupid of me to ask. But I think it's only natural to crave something as repulsive as big, grea... juicy Double Quarter Pounders with fries after countless weeks of noodle-slurping and fine-tuning chopstick skills as an ascetic hermit in the misty mountains of Hyogo.

The good thing is, in Japan, cell owners with elementary literacy skills are entitled to whopping discounts. The coupons themselves are decipherable if you know how to read katakana. But if you can't read kanji, ask a friend who can to fill out the registration form on your phone.

McDonald's usually sends out their new e-coupons every Friday, and they expire by the following Friday. Major discounts, such as meals, tend to last for the weekend only. Sometime ago I bought a Bic Mac ValueSet for ¥350 (normal price being ¥690, I think).

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