Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to Get Japanese Music from iTunes Store

Do you have an iTunes Store account but can't connect to the Japanese section of the store? If your credit card was issued outside of Japan, there's no way to get your hands on Japanese songs directly.

The only way to gain access to iTunes Store Japan (without a Japanese credit card) is to buy pre-paid music cards that, once activated, will have credits deposited into your iTunes Store account. You can then use those credits to buy Japanese music online. Read on to get iTunes Store Japan Music Cards...

The cards come in two sorts. There's a ¥1500 card and a ¥3000 card. A ¥1500 card will grant you 1500 credits, whereas a ¥3000 card will give you twice as many credits. Songs on iTunes Store Japan cost about ¥150-200 apiece.

I like this idea a lot, because we Westerners can finally get ahold of Japanese songs without having to spend our yen on full albums. Surely it would be much more convenient to let everyone access iTunes Store Japan, but let's be happy with what we've got now.

Get Japanese Songs from iTunes!
iTunes Japan Music Card ¥1500 US$25.50

iTunes Japan Music Card ¥3000 US$44.50


Discovery Sound said...

Hi. Maybe we can help eachother out. I am in a reverse situation. I have a Japanese Itunes account. I cant buy items (movies mainly) unless I have a US itunes account. Tried to make one, but my credit cards have a Japanese address. Paypal was my next option, but since that was in Japan as well it got turned down.

You have any ideas? Send me a response to stephen at discoveryfirm dot com Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jenny said...

Hey im hoping maybe u can help me. I'm lookin for a way to get Japanese music over the internet; like a Japanese Itunes. I'd get it from Itunes but they don't have rele any of the music im looking for, like anime soundtracks and bands. I know theres a Japanese itunes but I don't know how to get it and have never dealt with yen before :(

Message me back at or
thanks! XD

ToyaRIma said...

Hey thanks...i'm really happy u posted me

Eric said...

ToyaRIma: Email, right? You're welcome! :)

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