Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cute Stray Kitten Rescued in Osaka

I was going through my daily stuff in the afternoon when I noticed Kai, our younger cat, looking startled and meowing towards the balcony. We had the balcony door open to cool down the room, and at first I thought she was just curious about the birds chirping nearby. But soon we realized that the ruckus was being raised by cats - or abandoned kittens to be exact!

My girlfriend rushed outside with her friend to check on the kittens, but only one of them remained. I went down shortly after and saw the girls holding a small lump of fur in their hands. The other one had already been picked up by another lady who had come down there to see what was going on.

The kitty was in good condition, so its owners had probably thrown her out on the same day, around the time when Kai heard the first screams. At first I didn't like the idea that we take the cat into our custody, but after seeing the poor thing clinging onto us so hard I couldn't keep arguing against it.

So we brought her in, and named her Mimi (because her meows sounded more or less like it). We also decided that she would leave as soon as we found her new, responsible owner.

The kitten needed cat milk so we decided to go to the pet shop to buy some milk powder and a nursing bottle. In less than an hour we had her lunch ready. The little creature started sucking on the bottle voraciously.

As soon as her tummy felt full she curled up and fell asleep in my hands, so we wrapped her in a towel and let her gather more energy to digest the meal. It didn't last long, because she woke up only after a couple of minutes and was ready for some more chow.

After several more meals she could finally get enough to find her new crib inside our friend's sleeve...

Update (May 29, 2009): Mimi finally found a new home!

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