Sunday, May 17, 2009

Christian Weddings Blasphemous in Japan

You'd be surprised how significant it is for a Christian wedding ceremony in Japan to have a foreign wedding minister. The funny thing is, no one really cares if the minister actually believes in the Lord God Almighty.

I like to occasionally skim through the Kansai Flea Market ezine (it's a decent place to find jobs btw) to see if there's anything interesting on it. Every now and then I run into an ad where a chapel is looking for "reliable Christian men" to perform wedding ceremonies. For fear that I will be punished divinely, I haven't been able to muster enough courage to apply, but a friend of mine did. And he gets hefty sums for making couples and families happy.

He told me that he can vaguely remember Rev. Sato (not his real name) asking him on the phone if he was Christian (well he's NOT). More importantly, the reverend was enthusiastic to know his nationality and height. The employment contract must've been pretty straightforward too, "Name, email, DoB, hair color, nationality... oh, and make sure to check 'Christian', and sign please."

Religion is so much easier here in Japan.

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