Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Most Difficult Chopstick Food

What is the reaction of a Japanese person at the sight of pickled plum? His tongue gets stimulated by the thought of this sour delicacy called umeboshi, and starts releasing gallons of spit. This is an effect to which outlanders with no former experience of pickled plum are immune.

My reaction to seeing a bowl of miso soup with cubes of raw tofu is nothing other than panic: I'm sitting in this fancy restaurant with all these erudite intellectuals, and the waiter brings us a mighty block of tofu on a bamboo tray... and all I've got is a pair of enamel chopsticks!

I have been actively using chopsticks for well over ten years now, but not even the wisdom in Sun Tzu's Art of War has been able to enlighten me on how to maintain tofu between these twiggy utensils. My miso soup always ends up looking like a cup of spit in a Middle Eastern den of thieves.

Anyone else with similar experiences?

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