Saturday, June 06, 2009

5 Things I Don't Like about Convenience Stores

No matter how much I love convenience stores, there are always things about them that bug me.

  1. The clerks ask me if I want to place my items into separate plastic bags. So if I buy a ファミチキ (fried chicken) and a bottle of Fruit Kiss on the way to the station, do I need to get two plastic bags to accommodate my breakfast? Geez, the bottle might get smeared with a drop of oil!
  2. Most adult magazines are sealed with tape. Not that I'm an active peruser of the forbidden shelf, but my literacy skill isn't high enough to gracefully skim through gossip magazines. SO, while I'm waiting for my girlfriend to finish her stuff on the copy machine I usually try to dig up something easy to understand. But the sad thing is that the most explicit ones cannot be opened! Dammit!
  3. It isn't too uncommon to see FamilyMart, ampm, and LAWSON standing adjacent to each other in Osaka. However, when I'm really in need of going to a convenience store, there simply are no conbinis around.
  4. Convenience stores have their likes and dislikes about banks. If I go to an ampm I can withdraw money without having to pay commission, because I have an SMBC account. But at any other store they charge me ¥200+ per withdrawal.
  5. The copy machine doesn't have a USB slot. So I have to turn around and go all the way back home to copy the damn file onto a microSD card. I understand that many digital cameras use microSD chips to store photos, but if I want to print out my thesis do I have to ram it into my camera first!?
  6. Now, after all this negativism, it is time to cultivate some compassion... Next time I go to a convenience store, I'll have the warmest smile on my face, and I'll tell the obachan behind the counter how cool her new pink hairstyle is!

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