Thursday, June 04, 2009

Angry Note from Neighbor

Today I got another complaint from a neighbor of mine. He doesn't like the fact that my room emits smoke. He hangs his laundry on the balcony so he wrote to us saying that our unhealthy habit is making his clothes stink.

Right now, I have two smokers in my apartment, and they both ignite their tobacco under the kitchen fan several times a day. I'm not exactly sure where the fan is blowing all the air out, but it's strange that all the fish we cook doesn't seem to bother the guy...

Last time we called the apartment manager about it, and he simply advised us to ignore the complaint. On both episodes our neighbor left the note unsigned, so it's hard to tell who it really is. He could've at least left his email address... Is it really worth the effort to complain knowing that you won't be getting any angry feedback? Where's the fun in that!


Sora said...


LOL it's funny how he is bothered by the smokes, yet doesn't care about the fish. XDD

(but I'm bothered by cigarette smokes too... only if the smokers smoke right in front of me. Darn this asthma I have...)

Eric said...

Dude... any suggestions on what to cook next?

My lovely salaryman neighbor is obviously just angry at life in general. Just go to a kyaba or a pinsaro to relieve some stress, A-hole!

Sora said...

what about porridge? LOL

maybe you could try buying him some new punching bag? :P it proves to relieve some stress...

Anonymous said...

Do as we do in New Zealand. Laminate a letter and stand in out on your front lawn for all to see or front door. But dont do things like this in anger, taistfully construct the letter. Good Luck

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