Saturday, August 08, 2009

Foreign Students in Japan Need a Work Permit

If you're a student and want to work part-time, there are a couple of things that you should know about working as a foreign exchange student.

According to this page, foreign university students who come to Japan to study full-time will need to get a permit to engage in "extra-status-of residence activities" (sorry for just brutally copy-pasting the term here) if they want to work in their free time.

After obtaining this permission, a full-time university student will be allowed to work 28 hours per week.

Some schools have strict policies about part-time jobs. Osaka Gakuin University, for instance, doesn't allow their exchange students to work until the second semester.


Blue Shoe said...

There's always off-the-books 英会話.

©Sherly said...

well, at least they allow the students to work. :| here in Singapore (I just moved LOL), you have to get the Permanent Resident before you can work.

Eric said...

Blue Shoe: Yes. Private tutoring is a safe source of pocket money for students.

Sherly: Foreign students can't work even part-time in Singapore? How unfortunate.

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