Saturday, January 30, 2010

Japan Isn't Expensive

A lot of people seem to have a misconception that Japan is expensive. Whenever I suggest my friends to travel to Japan they tend to reply with "I'd love to go, but isn't Japan really expensive?"

That's what I used to think too. But that was before. Before I actually went there to live.

When I started living there, I realized that Japan is actually pretty cheap.

The problem is the price range of products and services. You see, the number on the price tag increases exponentially as you climb higher in quality. There's virtually no end. A dish of sushi that costs you ¥105 yen at a kaitenzushi joint might be ¥1500 across the street. The difference is quality. And not only the quality of the fish but also the quality of service. In the end, it's the brand that costs.

So you'll have to learn how to identify and evaluate the options you have. If a bowl of ramen costs ¥1400 in the first two restaurants you walk into, it doesn't mean that that's the right price for it. Try different places and you'll find a lot of cheap joints. Same applies to supermarkets and other stores. Japan is definitely not expensive.


lina said...

I totally agree. And I've been trying to convince my friend. Weird that they think nothing of jetting off to Europe and paying with Euro and not complain so much but grumble about the expensive yen.

Eric said...

Thanks for visiting, lina.

Keep trying :)

Japan is cheap!

Anonymous said...

I'm 1/4 japanese and used to travel to Tokyo several times before as my grandmother lived in Chofu when she was still alive. i agree whole-heartedly on this one! ;)japan is cheap if you know the right places and the right time to find good food with reasonable price.


Eric said...

That's right, Syeera :)

What's your favorite food in Tokyo? I've spent most of the days in Osaka, so I'm not too familiar with the local delicacies.

Anonymous said...

hey there - I've in japan since two weeks only but one of the first things I realized is that food is cheap oh yeah! Unfortunately i can't say the same about accommodation..

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