Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kanji Test DS Kanken for People Learning Kanji

Kanji Test DS (250万人の漢検) is a handy tool for any learner of kanji who also owns a Nintendo DS. The game not only teaches you how to read and write Japanese characters but also tests you if you're able to use them correctly.

The game is based on the Japanese Kanji Aptitude Test (日本漢字能力検定試験), and was probably originally meant to train people to score higher on the test. For us gaijin, however, it serves as a practical tool to learn the complex system of kanji.

There are many exercises and quizzes that help you to master kanji, and as you get better, you can advance to higher ranks, ultimately reaching for the sublime rank of 1-kyu. There is a lot of repetition of important characters, and the game keeps track of your performance, so you will be studying the kanji that are most appropriate to your level. This piece of software will effectively hardwire kanji into your brain.

You'll initially have to read a bit of Japanese to understand the context menus and instructions, but you should be able to get the hang of it fast even if you don't know any kanji beforehand.

Where can we buy it?

It was the first game I bought for my Nintendo DS in Japan, because I couldn't get my hands on it at the time in the West. But now, thanks to better online stores, you can order it online and have it delievered to you.

Buy Kanji Test DS for $60.00 on J-List!

I was, and still am, very happy with my investment.


Harvey said...

Cool, glad to see another user. I used
kanji kentei ds 2 for a long time and recently upgraded to the sequel, kanken3 deluxe. Love it!

Eric said...

Nice! What kind of new stuff does Kanken 3 Deluxe have? And what level are you? :)

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